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Managing Partner

Dee J. Kelly, Jr.
Dee J. Kelly, Jr. - Attorney Spotlight
"We are proud of our 35 year history, during which we attracted more than 140 attorneys who have brought to this firm the knowledge, experience and expertise to practice at the highest level.  We look forward to the future and building on our legacy of success."

Fort Worth Office


Kelly Hart's original and largest office is a mainstay in one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the nation. Kelly Hart occupies four floors of the Wells Fargo Tower on Main Street, overlooking the Trinity River. The Fort Worth office is staffed to provide representation on a local, regional or international basis.


Wells Fargo Tower
201 Main Street, Suite 2500
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 332-2500 Phone
(817) 878-9280 Fax

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Fort Worth Attorneys

Derek W. Anderson Michael D. Anderson J. Chad Arnette
Marianne M. Auld Elizabeth A. Babb William J. Babb
Mallory A. Beagles Lars L. Berg F. Richard Bernasek
Paige P. Biggs Jacob Birnbaum Mark E. Bishop
C. William Blair Caleb Bulls Courtney E. Burns
Seth E. Burt S. Benton Cantey V Natalie J. Carlgren
Russell D. Cawyer John H. Cayce Jr. Hugh G. Connor II
David W. Cook Jonathan W. Cranz Leslie M. Darby
Bryan T. Davis Colleen M. Deal Roger C. Diseker
Kimberly K. Donovan Uskovich Dirk E. Eshleman Elizabeth A. Fitch
Sharon F. Fulgham Toby M. Galloway Brian K. Garrett
David H. Garza Stas Getmanenko Jeffrey R. Grable
Robert C. Grable Frank P. Greenhaw IV Joe R. Greenhill
Christopher S. Greer Chester W. Grudzinski Jr. William P. Hallman
Mark L. Hart Jr. Thomas R. Hegi Alan D. Hegi
Donald E. Herrmann Brandon M. Hill Katherine T. Hopkins
Christopher E. Howe Brandon T. Hurley Calvin M. Jackson
E. Glen Johnson Dee J. Kelly Dee J. Kelly, Jr.
David Keltner Chad A. Key Darren J. Keyes
Matthias Kleinsasser Keith D. Kohlhepp Ezra R. Kuenzi
R. Paul Lancaster Cheryl P. Leb Daniel L. Lowry
Matthew W. Luensmann Evan M. Malloy Ross S. Martin
Michael A. McConnell Richard McMillan II Patricia F. Meadows
W. Chase Medling Sharon S. Millians Michael R. Moan
Derek L. Montgomery Preston R. Mundt Marcus G. Mungioli
Jason C. Nash Andrew H. Neal J. Ray Oujesky
Robin B. Perras Don C. Plattsmier Nancy L. Ribaudo
Henry H. Robinson J. Andrew Rogers Jennifer K. Rosell
Andrew J. Rosell Howard L. Rosenthal Clark H. Rucker
Bart A. Rue Jody S. Sanders Marshall M. Searcy
R. Daniel Settle Jr. Craig N. Smetko Mary H. Smith
Todd W. Spake Brian S. Stagner Dana M. Stayton
Matthew D. Stayton Dulaney G. "Dee" Steer Kenneth W. Stogdill
Chelsea M. Tabor Clay M. Taylor Torrie C. Taylor
John Thompson III K.C. Thompson Daniel A. Vela
Len A. Wade J. Jody Walker William N. Warren
Jarratt Watkins Hannah M. Watkins Jeff Whitfield
Wayne B. Whitham Scott R. Wiehle John T. Wilson IV
Shauna J. Wright
Thirty-Three Kelly Hart attorneys are listed among The Best Lawyers in America 2015® by Woodward White, Inc.